During the domain renewal process you can change your package for free, therefore, by selecting Renewal with Change of Package, you can both switch to another package and  renew the domain by paying only the cost of the new service.
To switch to a different package, you need to place an order online from the
Renewal Area. Once the payment has been processed and the new service has been activated you will receive a confirmation email with details relevant to the service.

N.B. The new chosen service will be activated within a few hours of receiving the payment, it is therefore important to remember that, in this case, the old service will be disconnected before the end of the current subscription.

The Email service, however, if included in the original service, will not be affected if it is also included in the new package.

ATTENTION!!! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the contents of the website, found on the old web space, be moved automatically to the new one: before you request to switch to another package, make sure you have a backup copy of the material.