The service provides the annual subscription, carried out manually, with possible monthly update (if necessary) in the main search databases which are used by all the major engines, directories and international portals, other than by hundreds of national or minor search engines.
The most important networks are:
Google: covers more than 51% of world-wide searches (data: march 2004) and more than 65% in Italy, providing their search technology also to leading portals such as AOL, Netscape Search, ICQ Search and, in Italy, to Virgilio, Jumpy, KataWeb and for the alternative searches and to Arianna.
Yahoo! search: the brand new search engine activated in March by Yahoo! Combining the technologies of Inktomi, Fast and Altavista. The new Yahoo! search covers more than 43% of world-wide searches, providing the search technology, other than to all the international versions of Yahoo, also to portals such as MSN and to engines such as Altavista, HotBot, Overture (free of charge).
Ask Jeeves: is the "third power" in the world of search engines, above all in the English-speaking market. At the moment it covers 3% of all searches carried out world-wide, share which will increase to 6% once the purchase of leading engines such as and is activated.
Arianna: is the engine which strengthens the web searches, the most visited portal in Italy. Appearing among the Arianna search results, is therefore very important for the display strategies of the Italian search engines.