KeyPosition Directory Basic is the service developed by Aruba for showing the website in the best possible way to the main Italian and International indexes (catalogues or directories).

Here below is the list of the main indexes where the websites are shown with KeyPosition Directory Basic:

  • Virgilio

  • Lycos Directory


  • Yahoo


  • ...and many more national ones !!!

  • ODP (



Conditions of purchase of the KeyPosition Directory Basic service:

In order to be shown in the indexes, the websites must follow precise guidelines; if they do not meet with one or more of these requirements, the editors of the indexes will refuse them

1. The website must indicate clearly the person or the company to which it refers to and where to contact (details to be entered for example in the “contact” page);

2. They must not have pages (or entire areas) “under construction”;

3. They must not be “mirrors” of other websites (a “mirror” is a website identical to another, maybe placed under another domain);

4. They must not contain illegal material or material which damages the copyright;

5. They must not contain redirections of any type to other websites;

6. They must not contain only affiliation links;