Sites which you can index on the search engines

All types of web sites can use KeyPosition, but you need to make sure that the URL and the corresponding web pages follow these technical and editorial instructions:

- The web sites must not be on a secure server (e.g., https).
- The web site must be accessible to everybody and must not request username, password, cookie
  or other types of authentication in order to be accessible.
- The web site must be operational. An error page such as
  "File not Found" (page not found) must not be generated.
- The web site must contain some texts not only images.
- The web site must permit the spider use (link: optimize your site).

We remind you that the porno web sites can use the service, but without getting the same benefits as the other web sites, because a lot of search engines filter the searches that are made to find out these types of sites, redirecting the user to other dedicated engines, with inclusion of payment.

URL or web pages which must be removed have the following features:
- They deal in illegal items or services.
- They use our service in fraudulent way.
- They violate the rights of third parties.
- They have been blocked by judicial authorities or by a specific government request.