If your website uses Frames, you have to take into consideration these factors:

- Spiders which do not index the Meta Tags
 will not find any text to index, unless it has been entered inside the <NOFRAMES></NOFRAMES>, where it is advisable to enter also the connection to a version without frames 
- some spiders do not follow the links contained in the <FRAMESET></FRAMESET>
- if you wish that a frame window is not to be indexed, you need to use a special Meta Tag called Robots.

Some Spiders take into consideration the words found in the address of the page: therefore it is advised that the name of the html file of the page should not be a key word. It is also advised that your website domain should contain a key word: some websites register some alternative websites in the real Home Page, made of long lists of key words divided by a hyphen, increasing the importance of these words in the search results by a lot (e.g.: www.gallery-museum-art-artists-italy-painting-sculpture.com)