Regulation of the Aruba Uplink service

In order to use the UpLink service you need to respect the following regulations:
- Websites with illegal contents or which violates the lows in force on this subject for any reasons are not accepted.
- By subscribing you ensure and guarantee that your website does not contain illegal material and does not violate any of the lows in force
- The service in question cannot be used to commit offences such as, to abuse, offend or cause damage to other people.
- The service user will take all of the responsibility, even patrimonial, for the damages that may be caused, directly or indirectly
- Aruba UpLink offers these services completely free of charge, therefore it does not take any responsibility for the damages which could derive from the unsuccessful or malfunctioning of all that is configured or transits on the servers.
- Only one box can be entered for each page; it is obligatory that the box is entered in the main page (home page) of the affiliate website.
- The box must be completely visible to the user who consults the pages, moreover fake calls must not be made in order to increase your own credits. To ensure of this anti-cheat check-ups will be made.
- The box exposition code must be entered without modifications which prevent it from being viewed or reached by the affiliated sites.
- It is strictly forbidden to enter an address of a third party in the Aruba UpLink program without their knowledge, unless their actual will has been verified.
- Anyone who does not follow these regulations will see, consequently, that the subscription will be cancelled.