How to add a Sitemap to your website and submit it to Google

Once the Sitemap has been generated through the domain Control Panel, you must follow these steps:

- Download the sitemap.xml file and save it locally (on your pc);


- Through an ftp client, publish the Sitemap file in your web space, preferably in the main directory. This is advisable because if the Sitemap includes URLs, that is the addresses, of pages which are at a higher level compared to the position of the Sitemap itself, Google will not consider them as included in the submitted Sitemap and will not take them into consideration.

After putting the Sitemap in your web space, you must inform Google, as follows:
- Sign in to Google webmaster tools using your Google account details;*
- Add the website to the account;
- Click on "Add a Sitemap" next to the website;
- Select the "General Web Sitemap" option;
- Type in the address (URL) of the Sitemap path in the provided field, making sure to include the full URL (e.g.;
- Click on "Add Web Sitemap".

Further information is available on Google.

* to create a Google account for free you need to subscribe through the Create an Account page.