Expiration and renewal of the KeyPosition services

The Aruba Seo and Aruba Mix* services will automatically have the same expiration date of the domain for which they were purchased.

Prior to the expiry date you will receive e-mail reminders: we remind you that by renewing the service in advance the future expiry date will not be altered in any way.

If you have already renewed the domain to which the service is associated, you can renew the advertising service by clicking the provided renewal button found in the Customer Area.

Otherwise you can go ahead and renew the service with your domain.

Should you not renew the service by the expiry date, such service will be disconnected and the landing pages will no longer be available.

Upon renewal, Aruba will analyze the website again and create new landing pages capable of guaranteeing good website ranking on search engines.

This will also be performed for multiple year orders. In fact, if the advertising service is ordered for more than 1 year, each year Aruba will in any case update the landing pages with new content, so that they remain optimised for the pre-established goals.

The Aruba Click service on the other hand, does not have an expiry date, but will be suspended once the number of guaranteed clicks for the purchased package finish.

In this case in fact, you can place a new order without having to wait for the domain to expire.

If you have purchased the Aruba Mix service and you finish the clicks before the service expires, you can reorder just the Clicks.

The Mix service in fact can only be renewed after it expires and the renewal includes:
- the reprocessing of the landing pages for the Seo
- a new order of Clicks.

*For the Aruba Mix service all that expires is the “Seo” service. The Clicks in fact simply finish once they have been used up.